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Why sell with Art Yard?


Take full control of your online gallery, where you can list items, set prices and schedule artworks for future release.


Post updates from your gallery, giving fans an insight into what you’re up to. You can also comment back to fans engaging with them. 


See how your posts are performing, gain & engage with followers, keep track of sales and grow your brand. 

Application process.

  • Tell us about you – At Art Yard we want to empower the messages and stories behind our artists work. So tell us about you, and where your art comes from! 
  • Show yourself off – Provide a minimum of 4, high quality images of your previous work. 
  • Online presence – Including links to your website and wider social media links will help bolster your application. 

Art Yard may decline your application and reserves the right to do so. Please visit our Help Centre for more information on declined applications. 

Please note it may take up to 2 weeks to review your application. 

  • Please upload at least 4, high quality pictures of recent work.
  • Upload profile picture
  • Upload a banner for your store. Banner size is (625x300) px
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