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Art Yard was born out of a disconnect between consumers and the art world. We wanted to create an online and offline space to bring fans face-to-face with amazing independent artists. 

Here fans can engage with artists by following updates from their studio, like and purchase their work and be inspired. 


Art Yard is a community and home for artists and art lovers. We want to empower our community of artists to create amazing work inspired by their background and uniqueness, and offer fans an easy way to find artists who may share these messages. You can check out our Collectives Edition to see more.


We want to put our money where our mouth is. We set up the Art Yard Foundation to help encourage the next generation of creatives and offer spaces, programmes and more to give back to our creative community. We want the Foundation to be collaborative, if you have an idea to help out in your area, get in touch.

Visit the foundation page to find out more and see what they’ve been up to.

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Help us transform the art world and create a fairer market for everyone.